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Tire structure and maintenance knowledge on wheels

2016-05-12 10:40:22
Tires as the only component of the car's contact with the ground, in addition to providing a lateral longitudinal grip for the vehicle, but also for the vehicle to provide shock absorption and shock resistance. Look from the outside, the tire is all rubber products. But in fact, now the tire is a high-tech products, including a variety of high-end technology and complex structure. Let us understand the basic structure of the tire and how to use the correct tire.
Structural analysis of tire:
The cross section structure of the tire can be divided into 4 parts: the tread, the shoulder, the edge, the circle of the tyre and the tyre. Each part has its own function. The main contact with the ground tread, tire shoulder and bead support, bead rim contact plays a role in sealing.
Tires are not just a mass of rubber, tire actually by the multi-layer stack of different materials up composition -- tread, covering layer, a steel belt beam layer (layer 2), stress absorbing rubber, tire cord fabric layer and liner. First, we talk about the "steel belt". This layer is composed of two layers of wire overlay, two layers of steel wire layer of wire into a certain angle, the role is to improve the rigidity of the tread, the tire can deal with the uneven impact of pavement. In order to prevent the corrosion of steel wire, there will be a layer of covering layer outside the steel wire layer ". "Section of carcass cord layer" throughout the entire tire, provide support force for tire. The gas tight layer is located in the inner tyre of the tyre which is extended to the tyre, which mainly plays the role of sealing.
Often heard of the high aspect ratio, we can from the above diagram clearly understand how the parameters are obtained. The smaller the high aspect ratio, the thinner the tire looks ". Small and wide ratio of the tire is the trend, the reason is to adapt to the needs of the new model car high output torque.
For the average user, we only need to care about the size parameter of the tire. For example: 225 / 40 R17 94Y, 225 / 40 for height to width ratio (also called flat ratio), R, said tire, 17 said rim diameter, 94 said load index, y, said the speed grade. Load index and speed rating of the specific values can be related to the table.

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