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Why is the main advantage of the radial tire become mainstream

2016-05-12 10:37:40
Some people say that there is no car tire revolution is not the development of the world's automotive industry. And in 1946 by the Michelin Co to the invention of the radial tire, to bring the revolution in the field of tires, it is the era of the. Radial tires available, not only on the modern traffic played a decisive impact, but also to human life has brought a bright color. Up to now, the radial tire has occupied the domestic and foreign tire market is the absolute mainstream.
Radial tire
Angle of 90 DEG or is close to 90 degrees angle arranged in a radial tire cord layer and the tire side of the center line, and cord ply tire radial cross section, is like the earth's meridian, so called for radial tire. Because of the ply arrangement, the radial tire ply than ordinary tire can be reduced by about 40%-50%. The circumferential direction of the tire rubber alone to contact, so in order to bear running larger cut to force, rigidity to improve the tire, radial tire also has several layers of cord and the radial cross section appeared large angle (angle of 70-75), high strength, not easy to stretch of the week to the circular buffer like belt belt layer. Belt beam layer generally use high strength, tensile deformation is small fabric cord (such as glass fiber, polyamide fiber) or steel cord manufacturing.
The easiest way is to distinguish the specification from the tire specification. For example: R 185/60 1584 H tires, where the "R" on behalf of the radial tire.
What are the advantages of radial tires:
Rolling resistance and fuel saving: because of the belt, the tire after crown cut to deformation and relative slip than the common tire to many small and thin radial tyre side, radial deformation of fast recovery. These two characteristics are conducive to reduce the tire wear, reduce the rolling resistance. The test proved that radial tire rolling resistance than ordinary tire 20%~30%, can save fuel 5%~10%.
The tread has good wear resistance and long service life: when the wheel is rolling, the tyre is deformed, and the deformation of the surface of the tire is not only deformed, but also is promoted by the deformation. Due to the crown area of radial tire stiffness, deformation small, almost no slip, the crown of tyre contact area is large, unit pressure small and uniform, so tread reduce friction and wear. The test proved that the service life of radial tire 30%~40% higher than tire.
Flexibility, buffer: due to the radial tire cord radial arrangement, so the rotation of the wheel, tire vertical to the ground deformation than the bias tire high, carcass, soft, good elasticity, so as to improve vehicle ride comfort.
Anti sting ability: radial tire for hard belt, it greatly enhance the crown of anti sting ability, reducing the risk of the tire burst, improve the driving safety.
Adhesion: radial tire in the running of the connected area larger, and at the same time due to the belt beam layer, grounding pressure distribution is uniform, thereby improving the adhesion, reduce the sideslip phenomenon.
Disadvantages of radial tires
Although radial tire has many points, but the sidewall because of the thinner, so bias tire sidewall to fight resistance, whether the curb or gravel roads are very easy to cut the side of the tire, so that the tire by lethal damage and scrapped. In addition, because of the complexity of the radial tire production technology and production technology of strict requirements, must have advanced equipment and a variety of expensive raw materials, so the production efficiency of radial tire than high bias tire, the more expensive price. However, with the continuous development of high-speed road, the diagonal line has been unable to meet the needs of high-speed road, radial tire as the darling of the highway, has been more and more favored by the majority of drivers.
Do for the driver, should understand their car use is what specifications and types of tires, what brand of tires, is what carcass structure tires (radial tire is divided into three: all steel radial tires, semi steel radial tire and all fiber radial tire). In this way, you can avoid in change a tire, the tire model made a mistake, a car appeared two or specifications above the tire (in this case is not a minority). Otherwise, just like a person, the left foot to wear the shoes of 42, while the right foot to wear shoes, 43, although the same can walk, but certainly not comfortable.
Also with a car if you are using a different carcass of tire, then their week to slip, and the temperature of the heat dissipation and the stress are not the same, which will affect stability and safety of vehicle running. In addition, pay attention to the pattern of the tire. Tread pattern, the role of the tire is very important. Its role is not only to generate the driving force and braking force, more important is the drainage of non slip.

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