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  • D800


    Deep tread with stone drilling protectors to promote traction  and floatation capacity on rough roads.
    Latest technology carcass materials for reinforcing bead and loading capacity.
    Special mining rubber compound for high resistance against tread cut.
  • T608


    • Strong carcass design for better load-bearing.

    • High-density carcass material to enhance the bearing capacity of the bead.

    • Tread groove bottom stone discharge structure design, improve the self-clean ing ability of tires, prolong the usage life under mixed road conditions.

  • T605


    • Reinforced bead and body to strengthen the puncture resistance tear resistance.

    • Suitable for mixed road conditions and relatively poor road condition.

    • Open groove and bottom design given excellent self-cleaning performance.

  • D318


    Anti-wear performance provide the longer mileage, widen tread design increases the contact area and improves the anti-wear ability.
    Open shoulder designs, the block pattern offer excellent drive force and anti-peeling performance on paved and unpaved roads.
    Windened tread design ensures safty control during driving. optimize the bead design and improves the durability greatly, reducing the bead fault rate.
  • D807


    • Large pattern and lateral fold grooves provide excellent driving and braking capability.

    • Guiding pattern design for better driving and handling performance.

    • The groove bottom reinforcement design effectively increases the circumfer ential rigidity of the pattern.

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