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  • 开云体育S600



    Latest technology carcass geometry and materials for enhanced damage resistance, durability and loading capacity 

    Premium Zigzag design promotes soft soil mobility 

    Offset block shoulder design with SILICA compound promotes good traction and abrasion resistance

  • S901



    Special designed tread with SILICA compound features longer tire life with low rolling resistance 

    Low heat build-up, even load distribution for longer mileage and reduced tire wear 

    Optimized bead area construction for better durability 

  • 开云体育D802



    Maximized traction in soft soil and mud through massive, open lateral shoulder grooves 

    Aggressive direction tread with robust tread blocks providing extra traction for on&off road condition 

    Special rubber compound ensuring more resistance to cuts and tearing

  • D805



    Drive axle tire applicable for mud and sand terrain with short on high-way use 

    Wide tread and open shoulder blocks help enhance traction and braking on rough roads with mud or gravel 

    Special tread compounds resist chipping, chunking and tearing

  • 开云体育D688



    Wide tread and open shoulder blocks help enchance traction and braking on rough roads with mud or gravel

    Wide and depth pattern design with low heat generating formula provides good turning stability

    Outstanding self-cleaning tread design ensures long-life service in ON/OFF road conditions

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