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  • D807


    • Large pattern and lateral fold grooves provide excellent driving and braking capability.

    • Guiding pattern design for better driving and handling performance.

    • The groove bottom reinforcement design effectively increases the circumferential rigidity of the pattern.

  • T708


    • Wide tread and new profile design make the grounding more uniform and better wear resistance.

    • Individually designed tread compound makes the pattern more adaptable on mixed roads.

    • The use of high-strength carcass and belt steel wire provides excellent tire load-carrying performance.

  • D900


    • Special rubber compound designed for varied applications .

    • Reinforced crown ply to improve resisitance against oxidation.broad,directional block tread.

    • Good mileage potential ,Excellent resistance to damage and punctures on/off road with longer wear life and serice life.

  • 开云体育D288


    • With double tread design, the upper layer improves wear resistance, the lower layer reduces heat generation and increases the service life of the tire.

    • Shoulder block design and special tread formular can reduce uneven wear and improve wear performance.

    • The design of longitudinal and lateral mixed pattern improves the driving , braking and anti-wet slip performance of the tire.

  • D318


    • Anti-wear performance provide the longer mileage, widen tread design increases the contact area and improves the anti-wear ability.

    • Open shoulder designs, the block pattern offer excellent drive force and anti-peeling performance on paved and unpaved roads.

    • Windened tread design ensures safty control during driving. optimize the bead design and improves the durability greatly, reducing the bead fault rate.

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