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  • D801+


    • Bridged center block design helps improve tread stability.

    • Special tread compound and tire casing offers good tire mileage for price sensitive customers.

    • Wide tread design guarantees good traction for highway service in all season conditions.

  • T707


    • Wide tread and new profile design make the grounding more uniform and better wear resistance.

    • Individually designed tread compound makes the pattern more wear-resistant under pavement.

    • The use of high-strength carcass and belt steel wire provides excellent tire load-carrying performance.

  • 开云体育S202


    • New designed pattern, suitable for well paved road condition with high speed level and excellent durability.

    • Tread rubber compound for fine drainage and grip performance which improved outstandingly.

    • Heavy loading capacity, low heat build-up, high speed and low noise.

  • 开云体育S201+


    • Widened and deepened pattern help enhance the load capacity.

    • Wide tread increase the contact area with the ground and improve the heat-sinking capacity .

    • Symmetric pattern design  ensure the uniform wear of tire and keep more mileage and it's better for retreading.

  • CPD68



    Wide tread and open shoulder blocks help enchance traction and braking on rough roads with mud or gravel

    Wide and depth pattern design with low heat generating formula provides good turning stability

    Outstanding self-cleaning tread design ensures long-life service in ON/OFF road conditions

    Redesign for only container truck application

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