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  • A609


    • Comfortable silent performance:Adopt 5 frequency pattern blockvirtual analysis and optimized permutation designeffectively reduce the pattern block noise resonance phenomenonreduce product noise, improve driving comfort.

    • Excellent wetland performance:Optimization of longitudinal/transverse groove design and the use of the best groove curve improve the drainage performance of tires in wetlands and greatly improve the safety performance of tires.

    • Extraordinary handling performance:The internal and external asymmetrical shoulder design is adopted to ensure wet performance while improving tire handling performance,bringing driving pleasure.

    • Excellent wear resistance:The optimum sea-land ratio and optimized steel sheet design can prevent the stressconcentration when the tire is running so that all points of the tire are uniformly wornand the wear performance is improved.



    • V-shaped embedded pattern design:The embedded pattern design has both appearance and practicality and the sharp-angle pattern block can effectively pierce the water film to enhance the grip

    • Optimized horizontal groove design:The horizontal grooves of alternating thick and thin meet the safety of driving in the changeable snow.

    • Z-shaped longitudinal groove design:The zigzag-shaped longitudinal grooves help the blocks to stabilize on the snow surface and can effectively cooperate to ensure the snow passing ability in the forward direction.

    • Rotation pattern:It satisfies the comfortable driving texture while improving the driving stability improving the passability of the snow surface, and ensuring driving safety



    • Asymmetric pattern. Match the performance requirements of high-end sports cars.Wide inner gully design enhances drainage effect.The outside of the dense pattern block provides strong handling performance

    • Blade cut angular pattern block. Provides higher grip and the ability to break through the water film,deep into the snow surface.3D wavy steel sheet design provides good grip while increasing tread hardness to meet extreme handling.

    • Folding groove:It can effectively improve the fault tolerance rate in all directionsassistin controlling the vehicle attitudeand improve the ultimate controllability.

    • Silica formula. The special silica formula quarantees the softness on the snow while increasing the strength of the pattern blocks to meet the controllability.



    • Optimized groove. It is beneficial to improve the stability of driving on ice and improve driving safety.

    • Shoulder support. The Shoulder continuity pattern block can improve the strength of the tire shoulder, improve the support effect with the ground, and ensure driving safety.

    • Optimized structure profile. The optimized structure profile is matched with dense and robust pattern blocks to meet the better carrying capacity of the vehicle.

    • New steel sheet design:The optimized steel sheet structure can meet the requirement of anti-skid performance and evenly disperse various stressesso that the tread wear is more uniform and the wear resistance is improved.



    • Multi-directional groove distribution design

    • Diamond Angle cutting design

    • High-density 3D steel sheet design

    • High-score white carbon black formula design

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