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    • STAGGEREDSHOULDERLUGS:Provides traction in off-road environments.

    • Slingstone structure:Protect the bottom of groove from sharp stone.

    • STEP BLOCK EDGE:Step block edge provide additional biting edges for more traction.

    • Shoulder and block design: Shoulder grooves are arranged in alternating widths and lengths to clear mud and maintain traction.Irregular block provide more traction on different road condition.



    • Off-Road Maximum Traction Tyredesigned for extreme 4X4 applicationconfidence in performance on muddysnowy and rocky terrain as well as sealed road performancewith extra ground clearance,higher load-carrying capacity and greater ability to go off-road.4X4 enthusiasts know it for its long wear, low noise and aggressive tread pattern.

    • Strategically placed ribs within the lateral grooves of the tread design help to discharge stones and resist stone drilling.

    • Specially developed tread compound helps resist the cutting,tearing and chunking commonly developed in extended off-road applications.

    • Strategically placed in the lower side wall areaa raised rim protector helps protect the wheel and tyre from hazards in off-road driving conditions.



    • Multi-sipe shoulder can removes water quickly and give more tire tread on road to prevent hydroplaning.

    • Lateral blocks provide better grip performance in different road conditions.

    • Vaeiable Pitch patterns can reduce road noise to offer quiet ride and increase traction.

  • A909


    • The compound mixture ensures longevity without compromising on safety and performance.

    • This unique design offers stabilityin corneringit has superior performance due to its superior design, where the Royal A/S provided performance as an all-rounder tyrethe RoyalA/S provides superior performance in cornering on slippery conditions.

    • This design has a superior pitch frequency,which offers a considerable reduction in noiseoffering a very comfortable and quite ride.

    • Superior high tensile steel belts for durability nylon blend cap to maximizes the contact area with the road surface, all of these combined exceeds the goal of having a tyre which not only meets the needs of anexceptional all seasons tyre, but also provides exceptional performance

  • A610


    • The asymmetrical shoulder design with soft inside and rigid outside ensures wet perfor mance while improving tire handling performance and bringing driving pleasure.

    • The meteoric steel design brings the swift sensation of speed and allows the driver to enjoy the instantaneous speed.

    • Optimal groove ratio(5 grooves&4 grooves), improve the handling ability while ensuring the braking and safety performance of the tire on slippery roads.

    • The innovative sound storage cabin can effectively warm up the noise generated when driving,and the sound waves will disappear into the air.

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