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  • D805



    Drive axle tire applicable for mud and sand terrain with short on high-way use 

    Wide tread and open shoulder blocks help enhance traction and braking on rough roads with mud or gravel 

    Special tread compounds resist chipping, chunking and tearing

  • 开云体育D688



    Wide tread and open shoulder blocks help enchance traction and braking on rough roads with mud or gravel

    Wide and depth pattern design with low heat generating formula provides good turning stability

    Outstanding self-cleaning tread design ensures long-life service in ON/OFF road conditions

  • 开云体育D860



    High-intensity casing carcass materials for reinforcing bead and loading capacity

    Extra deep tread with stone drilling protectors to promote traction and long original mileage

    Special rubber compound ensuring more resistance to cuts and tearing




    Four wide circumferential tread grooves and lateral grooves with fine sipes provide efficient water evacuation, outstanding wet performance.The optimized deployment of "Z" shape sipes, provide great grip on snow & ice conditions.

    Continuous block patterns on shoulder enhance the ride stability at high speed cornering. The rim protector will protect wheels from curb damage

    Continuous outside tread blocks enhance excellent performance and precise control when cornering at high speed. The special rib segment design optimize contact pressure distribution, improve road contact area and provide precise control. The serrated groove walls absorb noise and deliver a quieter ride.

    Special tread compound remains flexible at lower temperatures to make sure the grip on winter road conditions and reduce the rolling resistance.




    Three main zigzag grooves and aggressive pattern design provide outstanding traction on all kinds of road conditions.

    High void ratio and open shoulder offer excellent resistance to aquaplaning and self-cleaning performance.

    The block read design with multiple-sipes provide outstanding off-road traction and reduce tread damage on off-road condition. Special casing profile and solid shoulder pattern enhance the max traction and cornering performance.

    Jointless Nylon band and strong structure design provided the strong carcass to enhance the reliability and durability. Special tread compound and wide footprint enhance tread life and deliver excellent braking on wet and dry roads.

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