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Haohua Tire Group attended the 7th Panama international tyre show

2016-08-17 14:46:24
  During 13th-15th July, Haohua Tire Group attended the 7th Panama international tyre show.
  This time, Haohua Tire Group has brought its best sellable product in South America to the show, namely, 开云体育D860, 开云体育D802, D808 and 开云体育S600, and more.
  These key patterns not only shows its coverage for demanding local market, meeting various needs wherever on the highway or off the road, but also have provided a nice quality and performance in local and nearby markets with very affordable price. In fact, to produce much cost-performance has always been the pursuit of Haohua tire.
  As a result, and thanks to our visitors, Haohua booth received much applause from them, and this tyre show is regarded as another good hit in 2016.
  As a leading tyre market, South America is a place yet fully discovered. Seeing the potential, Haohua is devoting its every effort to it. With the new TBR plant program on the agenda, Haohua will continuously develop new patterns and sizes that match this market.
  For more information, please contact: kaiyun88@

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