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Haohua tire in the seventh Guangrao International Exhibition of tire shine

2016-05-19 16:50:00
By the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the people's Government of Shandong Province, CO sponsored by the seventh session of the China International Rubber Tyre & Auto Parts Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the seventh Guangrao international tyre exhibition), on 17 May 2016, in famous tire - Shandong Guangrao International Expo Center Grand Opening scene, hand in hand East and design, Haohua tires to a new image in the exhibition launch, shine, causing exhibition site continue to attention.

  Converging resources - the largest tire professional exhibition in China
  Guangrao County tire exhibition has been based industrial base, adhere to the specialization, internationalization, brand and the informationization direction, has been successfully held six sessions, the seventh Guangrao international tyre exhibition, passed so far the world exhibition industry the most important international organization --UFI certification become in Shandong Province, the first through the exhibition of UFI certification, is also the domestic tire industry the first through the exhibition of UFI certification, UFI membership attracted a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitors and buyers come. The exhibition, after six years of accumulated experience and quality improve, has developed into a tire industry's top event, a leading tire industry new wind stage show, a vertical industry comprehensive business platform.

  Haohua tire with a new attitude of image upgrade, bold breakthrough
  Internationalization of the opening video, atmosphere booth design, professional tire products, Haohua tire the new corporate image exhibition, the internationalization and specialization are elevated to a new height, to company image and the focus of the promotion through the exhibition vision complete show, fully demonstrated the Haohua tire this year the new change in the, and is committed to provide customers with high-quality products and services strength and self-confidence, triggering exhibition site continue to attention.

  Conclude business opportunities, to attract the public procurement, build a successful Haohua exchange platform
  The exhibition as China's rubber tire enterprises and overseas buyers to exchange and cooperation platform and industry leader, give full play to the tire industry agglomeration effect. Haohua tire thereby force, convergence of resources, conclude the business opportunities, successfully created their own purchasing platform, to attract domestic and foreign well-known buyers, including the attention of German Chamber of Commerce, chamber of Commerce in China and Pakistan, European and American Chamber of Commerce and other business association to organize purchasing groups, bringing more business opportunities not only broaden the Haohua tire products to the world's path, and further promote the process of internationalization of the company.

  Haohua tire general manager Wang Keqiang said the fair image of a comprehensive upgrade of the marked brand construction will enter a new milestone, Haohua tire will continue to uphold the principle of "quality, innovation, low carbon, environmental protection," brand philosophy, to international standards as the standard for the enterprise, root according to the demand of the market, to speed up the pace, in the company's brand strategy east and the strategy design consultant to assist the, do a good job a series of brand building and details of management, is committed to to become the leading brand in the Chinese tire industry.

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