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Haohua tire a two period for semi steel

2016-05-12 16:08:25
Haohua Tire Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province, coastal economic development zone Hou town projects in the region, a second phase of semi steel projects have all been put into operation and now invite all kinds of talents to join us and for you to provide a good space for development, wish you and Hao Hua common development! To create a better tomorrow!
First, the skilled workers to recruit jobs and treatment
1, tire production staff; mold maintenance, mold assembly and replacement of personnel, electricians, fitters, welders, electricians, inspector positions for more than 2 years working experience.
2, each post salary is higher than the same industry with the post wages, benefits from the first.
Two, the general staff recruitment standard
1, men 18-45 years of age; women 18-38 years of age, married and children under one year of age can be relaxed to 40 years of age.
2, no bad record integrity; health, to comply with company rules and regulations, to adapt to the three class movement work mode.
3, junior high school and above, more than male height 160cm, female height is above 155cm.
Three, wages and benefits
1, probation salary 2400 yuan -3000 yuan, positive after a monthly salary of 5000-7000 yuan / month or more skilled workers.
2, the company has been officially put into operation two years, recruits can work directly enjoy the piece wage, salary stability.
2, the company operates three hours of work, working 8 hours a day, the special circumstances of overtime pay.
3, the company provides good benefits, otherwise the summer high temperature allowance, a bath for staff to take a bath every day.
4, to provide free accommodation, every three people, if is husband and wife two people at the same time in the company office, the company provides couples room housing; dormitory water, electricity, warm equipped with free use, wireless network is connected to each room, may at any time open; a restaurant, library, basketball court, soccer field, recreation room, Internet cafes, supermarkets and other, companies with security, for employees to provide security.
Four, registration notice
1, applicants are required to carry identity cards, graduation certificate, near an inch bareheaded 2 photos.
2, electrician, fitter, welder, forklift driver special trades personnel, need to carry technical grade certificate, special operation operation certificate.
Five, contact and contact
Contact: Zheng director Tel: 15065658699 yuan lady phone: 18706699031
MS Fu Tel: 18754446523 MS Shao Tel: 18765658386
Office recruitment phone: 0536-2235698; 0536-2235699
Consultation time: 7:00-11:00 PM 13:00-17:00 PM daily;
Application and interview address: in Shandong Shandong Shouguang Hou town project area Haohua Tire Co. Ltd. second door
Through consulting website: "Baidu", "Shouguang talent information harbor", input "Haohua tire" can query!
Mailbox number: QQ:2836973557

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